Charitable Foundation
The Charitable Foundation Exodus is a product of obvious necessity for a new social structure in relevant historical occasions, and on the global scale.
Based on the need for overcoming our rudimental social habits and thus reforming the social structure, our Voluntary Foundation's mission is giving financial support to the creators. That employs providing them with social security, encouraging and promoting different forms of their creative activity (such as taking part in creative initiatives and cooperations; organising exhibitions, lectures, public showings, readings, and similar activities regarding science, culture, and art).
By creators, we mean scientists and artists of all mediums: visual artists, writers, musicians, researchers, performers
The foundation gives special attention to financially supporting talented students on all levels of studies.
By encouraging different forms of creation and conscious critical thinking, we want to contribute to the discovery of the path to a different, fairer, more harmonious social organization.
Our Voluntary Foundation, while questioning the existing social systems, expands the space of "horizontal" social structure based on the principles of solidarity, altruism, and self-organization.
Influencing cultural awareness and promoting all forms of creativity, in search of a fairer, better, more harmonious, dynamic, and mobile society.
Our Goal
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Podgorica, Montenegro
The Act on the Establishment of the NGO Charitable Foundation EXODUS was adopted on December 18, 2019.
The foundation was registered as an NGO in the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro by Decision no. UP I 01-056 / 20-219. Responsible person: Petar Ćuković, president of the foundation.
st. Velimira Terzića 9. Podrogica, Montenegro
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